We will never allow the pest take control of your home

We Provide services to residential and commercial Weed Control, General pest control, termite control and even Structural Fumigation. Since its inception 2012 UNIFIED PEST CONTROL has become the synonym to high quality Public health services throughout in the Middle East. We proudly cover the whole spectrum of the health services industry ranging from Pest Management, Termite Proofing & Bird control, to Hygiene Services, and Food Safety Consultancy. All of the services are covered with care to the residential, commercial, and Industrial sectors


Unified Pest Control U.A.E

We are a recognized pest control company in Dubai, approved & License by Dubai Municipality to provide Professional pest control and cleaning services for domestic, commercial and industrial establishments in all over the U.A.E.

To remain market leader of pest control industry through technical expertise, morel value, adopt continues market, innovation and provide professional quality services to our valued customer as per their need and satisfaction

To provide highest turnkey service in the public and Environment Health Industry that is second to none, there by creating pest free and hygienic environment for the public and environment at large 

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We are up-to-date with latest technology and equipment

Our teams are supported by the latest technology, equipment, and scientific programs to assure our quality services, with highly skilled Technicians, Engineers, Field Experts, and certified Entomologists. The excellent quality of a wide range of services to the general public is ensured by this full and closely-knit organization. UNIFIED PEST CONTROL focuses on offering high-quality services to all of its clients. The importance of specialist services and products in the pest control field such as adequate measures for public health, sanitation, personal hygiene, and the protection of stored products, equipment, and structures in all kinds of properties against pest introduction.


Awareness to the public.

Unified pest control services increase awareness by educating maintenance executives, structural engineers, housekeeping executives, property and procurement executives of local, public and private sectors, through specially designed courses, seminars, and conferences.

The UNIFIED PEST CONTROL has a high priority and set-up as part of worldwide expansion in the Middle East. Enhanced involvement in the region by employing the capabilities of Dubai brings us closer to the people, indicating that we should respond promptly to the demands of our consumers and service techniques.


As the country’s largest commercial pest control company, Unified Pest Control Services LLC is able to protect your brand reputation and operations from unwanted pests.

We provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to national and international customers across multi-site and single site operations.

Through tailored pest management programmes, we focus on helping your business meet exacting standards for health, safety and cleanliness.

By harnessing new technology, we help to protect your employees and customers from the dangers of pest-borne diseases and reduce our environmental impact with sustainable pest control solutions.

UNIFIED PEST CONTROL staffs must have basic skill in Math, Chemistry and general awareness. A high school diploma of equivalent is the minimum qualification for pest control jobs. Although a college graduate is not required, almost of our pest control workers have either attended college or earned a degree.

Excellence Record

As part of the global expansion of UNIFIED PEST CONTROL in the Middle East have a very high priority and setting up and its aim. Indicate enhanced commitment to the region by using being in a canter of Dubai brings us close to people, which means we can respond to customers’ needs and service technique immediately.

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