Commercial Pest Control

As the country’s largest commercial pest control company, Rentokil PCI is able to protect your brand reputation and operations from unwanted pests.

We provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to national and international customers across multi-site and single site operations.

Through tailored pest management programmes, we focus on helping your business meet exacting standards for health, safety and cleanliness.

By harnessing new technology, we help to protect your employees and customers from the dangers of pest-borne diseases and reduce our environmental impact with sustainable pest control solutions.


Pest Control for Hospitality Businesses whether you run a bar, restaurant, take-out or eat in establishment, your most valuable asset is your reputation. Customers base this principally on food and service, but your customers also expect the highest level of cleanliness. Mice, rats, flies and cockroaches pose a particular threat to hygiene standards in food perparation and storage arcas because of their docase risk. However, there are a wide range of other pests that can spoil food or be a misance to your customers


Unified pest controls professional approach to proactive pest management protects food service businesses from pest problems. Your local technician will regularly service your premises to check bait stations, inspect for signs of pest activity, identify potential risks and advise you on steps that help prevent future pest problems. If there is a problem, our rapid response commitment means that your technician will arrive quickly and deal with the post problem to prevent recurrence. If you coordinate multiple locations, these can all be combined into a single service agreement with an account manager to coordinate service while each individual location still has access to a local service cam


Keep out Unwelcome Pests Proactive pest control is important for hotels not only because of their vulnerability to pest threats, but also because of the impact they can have on your bo’s reputation


It is important to recognize that different parts of a hotel face different pest challenges. Unified pest contral will develop customized service programs to keep these areas pest froe. Kitchen and Dining Arcas Hotel kitchens restaurants and other dining areas nood particular protection from and all posts that pose a high risk of spreading descase Proactive treatment is essential in these areas and will be expected by health inspectors. If pests are not adequately controlled, they will move from food preparation and storage ones into dining and other areas which may upset and disturb your customers Hotel roves the biggest post threats to hotel rooms are other biting insects Bed bugs are becoming a major iose in hotels in the world. All hotels are at risk, but especially those where there are large numbers of international travelers or those whose gusts moves frequently between hotels. promt action is  crucial early ensures that, they do not spread to the other part of the building in adition to simply treating bed bug problems


Other areas of the hotel inhaling sports facilities or back-of-house areas are at lower risk of infestation, but should be included as part of the regular service plan


Unified pest control Pest Control will also treat and prevent pest problems around the perimeter of your hotel including wasp nests, bird deterrence and helping to proof the grounds against other wildlife Exterior treatment offers you some interior protection as well.